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Submitting New Art

2010-07-18 20:38:00 by poester

Go to view my art

Blam and Protect

2010-07-18 19:16:52 by poester

I feel that I am on a Mission to save Newgrounds
Blam and Protect!

Blam and Protect

Well i am in the progress of making tones of reviews and blaming and protecting what is good and bad

I am in the mood to Blam and protect.

working Hard

2010-07-16 17:46:58 by poester

Adding rewards to system to website I wish i had a credit card to boost traffic to my website

Well Looking for help

2010-07-16 06:32:58 by poester

I a needing people to help me out with something its for a new animation i am working on i just need some gamer help/Advice i guess

Intro Video

Stick David Vs. Goliath

I Hope you like these videos quality is a little bad and also expand it to get full view


2010-07-14 10:49:55 by poester

well i am soon going to post to new videos on the crew account and the first is and intro video to the site and the second video is my first animated film

Writing a Book

2010-07-13 02:59:46 by poester

Well i am in the process of making a flash movie for the trailer.

I am also writing a book i dont know what to call it yet but i am hoping i can make it a big story i am thinking of using the story for my animation that was written by a good friend of mind but before i do that i want to ask him.

Latest news

2010-07-11 20:01:05 by poester

well i am waiting for people to post on my forum topic for the help i need and also trying to learn as i go but i still have tons to learn but everyone does i am an expert in some things than others


2010-07-11 01:05:46 by poester

if only there was a proven fact that sleeping gives you cancer

No not all. Sleeping rests your brain, and body. Your muscles are calm and there is nothing but oxygen going into your body to keep a normal flow oxygen to the blood. I don't how you are ingesting, or inhaling any cancerous toxins.

Please do not believe that lie.