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Robot Day 2010

2010-07-10 02:14:53 by poester

Wow its robot day and i am hoping to work on a lot of robot things i hope all of the bots on newgrounds are having a wonderful day and doing there robot thing

Robot Day 2010


2010-07-09 21:11:00 by poester

i am looking to find people

2010-07-08 13:59:01 by poester


I make animations here i hope you guys enjoy


2010-07-08 01:08:42 by poester

Well I think its common for people to be like fuck it whats life.

Other be like man whats wrong you need to be cool your fine life is one big cycle that alters you gets what when and were.

But then you have the people with money that be ruining the cycle by developing/ buying things because they have all this money but that spoil the whole cycle with money then we think owe were so rich we amazing look at all this money then BOOM!


| |

Government is nothing were in debt 5 Million Dollars

There is war were we dont even need to be



Art Submissions

2010-07-07 10:00:57 by poester

I am uploading all of my drawings that i have done since last year

Art Submissions

well i am glad i got my video up and i am hoping to get the second up bet its to big

ok i am working on adding like 5 video to newgrounds but i hope i dont over power my schedule because i am busy trying to help mange three businesses at once

website staff

2010-06-28 18:32:40 by poester

The New Era of Animation is on the rise the more people that join the better and money we make

2010-06-23 12:51:57 by poester

well i final made youtube channel for my website please visit i need all the help i can get from anyone and everyone

First Animation

2010-06-04 02:25:35 by poester g?utm_source=linkshare&uid=0l0zpGy8G5U Y