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2010-07-21 16:11:38 by poester

well i think comic-con is going to be the shit

Drivers ed

2010-07-20 15:30:12 by poester

4 more days until drivers eds over then all i have to do is complete my drives then i get my license may 3rd 2011

Wanting to make a sick ass flash

2010-07-20 00:23:38 by poester

I have been reading and trying to do my best to learn flash but its just one of those programs i cant just hop on and kick its ass and be good at and i fixed my flash programm


2010-07-19 20:59:18 by poester

In the mode to draw tons of different people place things and ideas or thoughts

Hoping to Fix Flash

2010-07-19 12:48:43 by poester

My flash trail expired but when i open it it works still?

OMG i hate my landlord

2010-07-19 08:32:29 by poester

i styed up all night and still havent went to bed i have to wait till my landlord gets here at 10:30 before i can go to sleep i think i am going to take a nap anyways though

Jazza help

2010-07-19 06:20:38 by poester

Hey well I watch every video Jazza put on his news post and this is a character i made I do have one request though for him to do a leg tutorial.
Not the greatist piece of work but it look Semi-Good

Jazza help

My First audio

2010-07-18 23:33:03 by poester

Man i hope this sound good on here i was making so many changes to this track its not even funny
My Audio
Its still waiting aprroval but when thats done i hope you guys like it

My First audio

Man I think I am going to try something new maybe flash isnt my thing i think i am going to make some audio from some instrumental beats from frostwire

Enjoying my Life

2010-07-18 20:55:22 by poester

I am having fun on newgrounds got my own website still have tons to learn hoping to make something out of everything an nuthing