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2010-07-29 03:28:33 by poester

going to Michigan going have a good time wish i had a laptop


2010-07-25 17:43:01 by poester

I am looking for someone to make me a cool looking profile picture banner and signature

learning to draw

2010-07-25 02:58:54 by poester

learning to draw superheros and people


2010-07-25 01:39:12 by poester

feel good what about all of you


2010-07-24 15:49:44 by poester

going to the mall then hang with my girl
after that hoping to work on music and flash

go to get food

2010-07-24 01:42:25 by poester

getting food at a gas station in about like 5 minutes then going to bed big day tommorow if i can find her! i hope it will be easy as pie to find her because i miss her and i love you

My cousins Music

2010-07-23 16:24:01 by poester

1 Up

2010-07-23 01:40:32 by poester

Woow i went up a level

1 Up


2010-07-23 01:31:28 by poester

OMG never sleep so long in my life


2010-07-21 23:58:22 by poester

the new