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Scanning new artwork now

2011-05-21 12:00:10 by poester

Upload commencing soon for new drawing then going to start on crew of spongebob

New drawings coming soon

2011-05-19 05:29:44 by poester

Hey everyone im going to start practicing and getting better at my art work so sometime soon there should be some new pictures up

Posting new drawings

2011-05-16 20:33:54 by poester

putting new art in my newgrounds art folder


2011-05-16 17:10:29 by poester

need something to do stuck at home and really bored need ideas

iTunes wtf!

2011-05-15 17:05:40 by poester

My itunes wont work and its pissing me off god damn it

Hello everybody im back at newgrounds and im feeling better bout myself ive got a girlfriend schools almost over and ive been getting better at my art work and ive also taken up digital photography.


2010-08-06 13:54:02 by poester

Working on making my site better and also helping my cousin with his music and planning a trip to San Diego for next years Comic Con or Maybe evan E3



2010-08-05 13:24:22 by poester

Trying to Make money Working hard to use on my website and also to help myself


2010-08-03 18:02:02 by poester

Well school is about to start getting bored of summer just a little cant wait to learn all the html things at school

I am back

2010-08-02 14:04:24 by poester

Now that i went to michigan and it was very clean were i live now makes it feel so boring i had so much fun up there that being home is boring