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Nice Day

2011-06-10 16:47:15 by poester

its a nice sunny day outside but im in the mood just to sit inside and draw idk what and idc let the flow of my hands guide my way as i draw a picture of something somewhat or yea whatever comes through the lead of my pencil and the flow of my fingertips guiding it across the paper as i begin to draw a picture that is worthy of actually being up here bc i guess im not that good but you know i like the criticism its always a good thing


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2011-06-10 16:53:13 high?

poester responds:

no just feeling artistic


2011-06-10 17:08:10

its 89 where im its nice...just to hot thats why im on newgrounds and not out side :P

poester responds:

its like 97 and ikr just too hot so time to be artistic lol


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