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Im a sophomore in high school i draw and also make computer art using GIMP and i also take pictures, the only other thing i do is hang with my girlfriend.

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Posted by poester - June 13th, 2011

I get paid some big money soon!!

Posted by poester - June 10th, 2011

its a nice sunny day outside but im in the mood just to sit inside and draw idk what and idc let the flow of my hands guide my way as i draw a picture of something somewhat or yea whatever comes through the lead of my pencil and the flow of my fingertips guiding it across the paper as i begin to draw a picture that is worthy of actually being up here bc i guess im not that good but you know i like the criticism its always a good thing

Posted by poester - June 9th, 2011

Been out of school for one day now and its already seems like i need to find something to do

Posted by poester - May 31st, 2011

Only got 4 days left of this week then next week only got 3 days left then im done till August whatever

Posted by poester - May 30th, 2011

Got a job at a gas station where i live it in cicero its the marathon

Posted by poester - May 29th, 2011

I have more saves than blams good or bad thing the world may never now and i wish i was good at flash so i can have trophies and cool awards or was good at art and people liked it and i got stuff that way

Posted by poester - May 29th, 2011


level up yesterday

Posted by poester - May 27th, 2011

Come check out this music at DME Baby!

Good Music

Posted by poester - May 24th, 2011

Critique My Art
Ive upload some more picture and ive saved your advice you gave me ive been really busy with school bc its almost over so ill get to work and post a picture of a real hand soon

Posted by poester - May 21st, 2011

Hey everyone im updating my forum thread and actually posting my pictures instead of just linking it every time so here is my forum link
Critique My Art